Lunar Silver STAR Harmony (PSP us import)

Treasure Chests. They're a staple of the RPG. You see one, you open it. You have to. It could have something really useful inside after all! For the first five hours of Lunar, chests either had money, a consumable item or if you're really unlucky, an ambush by some random enemies. But what made me put the PSP down in anger and stop playing (But down carefully - it's a Crisis Core silver PSP!) was when my party was not only ambushed upon opening a chest, but a trap was unleashed that caused my whole party of three to be confused. Cue a fight where I helplessly watched my confused party attack each other, and then be attacked by the enemy, until the party was dead. Ah, my fault. Clearly. I should have turned the PSP off before they all died. Or not be greedy and leave that abandoned chest alone. If I ever do continue my game save, I shall not be touching a single treasure chest again. It's not worth the risk. At least you can save the game at any time, but I have a lot of games to play dammit!

Otherwise, it's a good RPG, with lovely remade graphics and music for the PSP, and a traditional but solid turn based fighting system. Although it was annoying that for FOUR AND A HALF HOURS I had a useless third party member who was clearly there temporarily as his health points was the only stat to go up when levelling up. When he left, I thought "GOOD! GO AWAY!".


"Hello, I'm Ramus, and I'm going to tag along in your party for quite a while. I'll be handy at first, but later on I might as well be a punching bag."

 No useless party member in sight. GOOD.

 Pwetty. Those treasure chests are safe, being in a village and all. Phew.