Cover shooting. Quick Time Events. Lock picking. Forced stealth sections.Watching unskippable overly-long cutscenes. These are elements in games I do not welcome. It's a shame then that this game is essentially those bits on repeat. Let's look at the main gameplay style first, the cover shooting. The weapons, bar a couple you rarely ever get to use, are sadly rather plain and uninspired. For a game that has Nicola Tesla as the man inventing weapons and so on, and features advanced sciences, you sure end up using plain old shotguns, machine guns and revolvers a lot. A wasted opportunity. There's small sections where you fight non-humans and these are the best parts of the game, but don't occur often enough.

Quick time events. Who actually likes these? They have no level of interaction, merely a simon says game of reflexes. Get one button press wrong and it's time to do the section again. Yet we keep having to go through these ordeals time and time again. Stealth sections. When done well, or in a manner that it is optional, where by you can get spotted and fight your way out, I relish the challenge. But here, despite the main character being able to soak up most bullets like a magnetic sponge in most firefights, if it's a stealth section and you get spotted, then it's one bullet shot to the head (In a cutscene) and an instant game over.  Worse still, when you sneak up behind an enemy, a triangle symbol appears (Which you might instinctively press straight away) that you have to wait until it turns red before pressing triangle. At one point I was tailing an enemy, the symbol was just about to turn red when the enemy turned around. He still hadn't spotted me by this point, but the symbol had disappeared as I was now at the side of him. Then he turned around some more and spotted me. Instant death. Cheers for that.

The story is interesting, the graphics and details are excellent - when it rains you can see raindrops dribbling off Sir Galahad's face (That's you, by the way.). You can pick up certain items off tables and the like to look at them. They don't serve any real purpose than just to give some more detail to the world you're in. There's very little interaction, and that's a shame, it's a world I'd love to mess around with a lot more than I can.


Walk around a bit. Because when there's no action you can't run.


 Look at this! Now put it down. That's enough excitement for today.