Sherlock Holmes is back again for some more crimes and punishments. What's changed this time however is the layout of the game. Now split into five unrelated cases, you can come to your own conclusions of who is guilty, albeit through limited choices. That's right, the great detective can be made to get it wrong and accuse the innocent, and the game carries on to the next case, after showing you the arrest of whoever you pointed the finger at. I applaud this as it gives the game some replay value (I look forward to playing again and deliberately accusing the wrong people) but it does seem out of character for Sherlock to get it wrong.

Still, even if Sherlock is getting it wrong like a fool, he will still appear genius-like compared to his colleagues. Watson follows him around like a lost puppy (Even Toby their dog is more dependant - more on him later), and even when examining corpses, Watson generally leaves it to Sherlock to work out the causes of death. Inspector Lestrade couldn't solve his way out of a paper bag. A paper bag with a big red arrow with writing underneath it stating "GO THIS WAY" on it in bright neon lights. Dependant on Sherlock in every case, Lestrade doesn't hesitate to call in Sherlock to help at every turn, and takes his word for it without asking to see a shred of evidence. I'm surprised Lestrade doesn't ask Sherlock to help him put his clothes on. Maybe he did, once, and Lestrade just left them on for the rest of his life. Problem solved. 

In each case, you gather clues and evidence to build up a case, and then deduce what that evidence means, via a brain themed interface you can call up at any time. Before you talk to suspects, you can pause time (Somehow) and inspect them to find hotspots to learn more about them (Ie - dirty fingernails), and then potentially use this information to point out contradictions in their statements (But a lot easier than in Phoenix Wright). There's lockpicking mini games, but they are actually quite fun, despite making no sense in the real world.

"Watson, what are you hiding under that hat? I've never seen you NOT wear it."

The graphics are not bad at all, although the game suffers from pop-in textures when entering a new location, and the loading times can annoy a little, but they do show Holmes and Watson sitting in the horse coach reading their books and ignoring each other, which is a nice touch. Additionally, I've always liked how you can switch from a third person to first person camera on the fly. Sound wise, The voice acting is.. okay; but sometimes I swear the recordings sounded a bit compressed at times, ruining the quality. The music repeats a lot but it is suitably grisly and grim, and more ambient than intrusive. You can also play as Toby the dog a couple of times too, sniffing out scent trails. This means Toby is more useful than Lestrade in the whole game. Maybe Toby should be made inspector. Lestrade likes to kiss Holme's arse after all, maybe he can sniff it too.


Policeman: "Two people have been murdered! Get Lestrade.. so he can get Sherlock Holmes in."