Tutorials can be obvious to the point of patronising the player. Use the left stick to move you say? That's the last thing I'd have tried, thanks for informing me. Little Nightmares on the other hand, leaves you to it. There's no on screen interface, no dialogue, and barely an explanation for anything.  Why are you here?  Who are you? Are you small, or is everything else large?

The atmosphere is suitably creepy. While often too dark, causing me to struggle to see what I am doing at times (even with the brightness set to maximum), you do have a lighter to help a little. The graphics are excellent, and the attention to detail is impressive. Most of the enemies are twisted giants (or should that be normal sized?) with features that would give Tim Burton nightmares. The first giant you encounter has long gangly arms, and no visible eyes. If he smells you nearby, he will use his long arms to search for you, creating a feeling that nowhere is truly safe.

The overall design of the levels is fairly well thought out, but there are times when it's hard to see where you are going from having a side on view in a 3D game, and I sometimes stumbled or fell to my death because I couldn't gauge exactly where the platforms were from the perspective used. In particular early on there is a crane style puzzle with a moving platform. I worked out exactly what to do but repeatedly fell to my death because I jumped in front of the platform, thinking I was jumping in the right direction. The game would then put me back to the start of this section, forcing me to climb my way up to the top again. I actually was close to just switching the game off at this point and giving up from frustration. However, I am glad I persisted, as past that point, the game actually improved greatly. The following levels like the kitchens, and the brilliantly disturbing banquet, were sheer terrifying joy to play. All was forgiven.

The overall length of the game is very short, with the only replay value being replaying levels to find the collectables hidden throughout. I would have preferred it to be slightly longer, but at least it never outstays  it's welcome. I bought my physical copy for £15.99 and it comes with a soundtrack cd in a cardboard sleeve which is a nice extra. I'd say the price is just fine considering you can always sell it on if you don't intend to play it again. So I suggest buying it on disc rather than digitally, as it's the same price on the store at the time of writing.


MADE IT!! Then I failed to jump on to the chain and plummeted to my death. Joy! I get to do it all over again!

He must get his clothes custom made.

Feeling small yet?